Yangzhou Yangjie Electronics
Part Number SKBPC35005
Manufacturer Yangzhou Yangjie Electronics
Title (SKBPC35005 - SKBPC3510) Diffused Junction
Description SBR/SKBPC35005 THRU SBR/SKBPC3510 Voltage Range -50 to 1000 Volts Current -35.0 Ampere Features Dif ...
Features Dif fused Junction Low forward voltage drop High Current Capability High Reliability High Surge Current Capability Ideal for Printed Circuit Boards 25.824.8 _ ~ ~ 5.35.1 16.515.5 28.728.4 Case:Epoxy Case with Heat Sink Interally MIL-STD-202,Method...

Published Oct 11, 2007
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