Part Number STC4350F
Manufacturer AUK
Title NPN Silicon Transistor
Description Semiconductor STC4350F NPN Silicon Transistor Applications • Power amplifier application • High current switching applicati...

• Low saturation voltage: VCE(sat)=0.15V Typ. @ IC=1A, IB=50mA Large collector current capacity: IC=3A Small and compact SMD type package Complementary pair with STA3350F Ordering Information Type NO. STC4350F Marking HW8 Package Code SOT-89 Outline Dimensions 3.70~4.30 1.15 Typ. 2.40~2.70 1...

File Size 328.30KB
Datasheet STC4350F PDF File

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STC4350Q : Applications  Power amplifier application  High current switching application Features  High collector breakdown voltage : VCEO = 50V  Low collector saturation voltage : VCE(sat)= 0.35V(Max.)  “Green” device and RoHS compliant device  Available in full lead (Pb)-free device Ordering Information Type NO. STC4350Q Marking STC4350 STC4350Q NPN Silicon Transistor PIN Connection B C E C B SOT-223 C E Package Code SOT-223 Marking Diagram STC4350 YWW Column 1 : Device Code Column 2 : Production Information e.g.) YWW -. Y : Year Code -. WW : Week Code KSD-T5A016-000 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings Characteristic Symbol Collector-base voltage VCBO Collector-emitter voltage VCEO.

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