Part Number AQ6317B
Manufacturer Ando
Title Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Description Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317B High-accuracy and high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer for evaluating D-WDM systems an...
Features q High wavelength accuracy Provides ±0.02 nm wavelength accuracy at 1520 to 1580 nm, and ±0.04 nm at 1580 to 1620 nm, with ±0.01 nm wavelength linearity, making it especially useful for highprecision loss wavelength characteristics and other evaluation of WDM devices. The horizontal axis corresponds...

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AQ6317 : Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6317 High-resolution optical spectrum analyzer for evaluating D-WDM systems and components. High-resolution optical spectrum ana D-WDM systems and components. General The AQ6317 is an advanced optical spectrum analyzer for a wide range of applications, including light source evaluation, measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices, and waveform analysis of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) systems. Especially at 1550 nm band, the unit achieves high wavelength accuracy and wavelength linearity, and can evaluate optical devices for WDM. Analysis functions make operation and expandability simple. Th.

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