Part Number HDSP4200
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Title (HDSP-xxxx) 7-Segment Displays
Description The HDSP-3530/-3730/-5530/ -3900 and HDSP-4030/-4130/ -5730/-4200 are 7.6 mm, 10.9 mm/14.2 mm/20.3 mm high efficiency red and yellow displays desi...
• High Light Output Typical Intensities of Up to 7.0 mcd/seg at 100 mA pk 1 of 5 Duty Factor
• Capable of High Current Drive Excellent for Long Digit String Multiplexing
• Four Character Sizes 7.6 mm, 10.9 mm, 14.2 mm, and 20.3 mm
• Choice of Two Colors High Efficiency Red Yellow
• Excellent Charact...

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