S3C9454B Datasheet PDF

Part Number S3C9454B
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Title 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller
Description Part I contains software-related information to familiarize you with the microcontroller's architecture, programming model, instruction set, and...
Features and conventions of the instruction set used for all S3C9-series microcontrollers. Several summary tables are presented for orientation and reference. Detailed descriptions of each instruction are presented in a standard format. Each instruction description includes one or more practical examples of ...

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Datasheet S3C9454B PDF File

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S3C9454 : S3C9442/C9444/F9444/C9452/C9454/F9454 PRODUCT OVERVIEW 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW SAM88RCRI PRODUCT FAMILY Samsung's SAM88RCRI family of 8-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers offers a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and various mask-programmable ROM sizes. A address/data bus architecture and a large number of bit-configurable I/O ports provide a flexible programming environment for applications with varied memory and I/O requirements. Timer/counters with selectable operating modes are included to support real-time operations. S3C9442/C9444/C9452/C9454 MICROCONTROLLER The S3C9442/C9444/C9452/C9454 single-chip 8-bit microcontroller is designed for useful A/D conver.

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