SS113A Datasheet PDF

Part Number SS113A
Manufacturer Honeywell
Title (SS100 Series) Surface Mount Digital Position Sensors
Description Interactive Catalog Replaces Catalog Pages Honeywell Sensing and Control has replaced the PDF product catalog with the new In...
Features ɀ Quad Hall design virtually eliminates mechanical stress effects ɀ Temperature compensated magnetics ɀ Bipolar, unipolar, latching magnetics ɀ Super high sensitivity available ɀ Symmetry of operate/release points about zero gauss (bipolar/latching) ɀ Operating temperature range of
  –40 to ⍣125°C ɀ L...

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Datasheet SS113A PDF File

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SS1139 : The SS1139 is a unipolar Hall-effect sensor IC fabricated from bipolar technology. The device integrates a voltage regulator, reverse battery protection diode, Hall sensor with dynamic offset cancellation system, temperature compensation circuitry, small signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger and an open-collector output to sink up to 50 mA. With suitable output pull up, they can be used with bipolar or CMOS logic circuits. These Hall-effect switches are monolithic integrated circuits with tighter magnetic specifications, designed to operate continuously over extended temperatures to +150°C,and are more stable with both SS1139 Unipolar Hall-Effect Digital Switch temperature and supply voltage ch.

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