RL622-3xxK Datasheet PDF

Part Number RL622-3xxK
Manufacturer Bourns
Title Radial Lead RF Chokes
Description PL IA NT † Ro HS CO Radial Lead RF Chokes RL622 SRF Test Freq. (MHz) Min. (MHz) 7.96 7.96 7.96 7.96 7.96 7.96 2.52 2.5...
• High current capacity
• Ferrite bobbin core
• Low core loss
• High reliability, high efficiency
• Fixed lead spacing
• Winding covered with shrink tubing
• Operating temperature -55 to +105 °C Part Number RL622-1R0K-RC RL622-1R5K-RC RL622-2R2K-RC RL622-3R3K-RC RL622-4R7K-RC RL622-6R8K-RC RL622-100K-...

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Datasheet PDF File RL622-3xxK PDF File

RL622-3xxK RL622-3xxK RL622-3xxK

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