Part Number UPB584B
Manufacturer NEC
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Datasheet UPB584B PDF File

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UPB584G : .

UPB584GV : DATA SHEET BIPOLAR DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT µPB1508GV 3 GHz INPUT DIVIDE BY 2 PRESCALER IC FOR DBS TUNERS µPB1508GV is a 3.0 GHz input divide by 2 prescaler IC for DBS tuner applications. µPB1508GV can make VHF/UHF band PLL frequency synthesizer apply to DBS/ECS tuners. µPB1508GV is a shrink package version of µPB584G so that this small package contributes to reduce the mounting space. µPB1508GV is manufactured using NEC’s high fT NESAT™ IV silicon bipolar process. This process uses silicon nitride passivation film and gold electrodes. These materials can protect chip surface from external pollution and prevent corrosion/migration. Thus, this IC has excellent performance, uniformity a.

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