QSE-060-xx Datasheet PDF

Part Number QSE-060-xx
Manufacturer Samtec
Title Quiet and Basic High Speed Products
Description 0.8mm, 0.635mm, 0.5mm Quiet & Basic High Speed Products Test Start: 3/29/02 Test Completed: 6/6/02 Mating - Unmating Summar...
Features 133-01-F-D-A MIS-019-01-F-D-A MIS-076-01-F-D-A REV: C QSE-020-01-F-D-A QSE-060-01-F-D-A QSE-100-01-F-D-A REV: R QSS-025-01-F-D-A QSS-075-01-F-D-A QSS-125-01-F-D-A REV: B QSH-030-01-F-D-A QSH-090-01-F-D-A QSH-150-01-F-D-A REV: F File: J:\QA LAB\Test Programs\TC0106-0334\tc0106—0334.doc Form 01 Rev ...

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Datasheet QSE-060-xx PDF File

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QSE-060-xx : , AND PLANS AT ANY TIME, WITHOUT NOTICE. Notice: Implementations developed using the information provided in this specification may infringe the patent rights of various parties including the parties involved in the development of this specification. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights (including without limitation rights under any party’s patents) are granted herein. This document is an intermediate draft for comment only and is subject to change without notice. Readers should not design products based on this document. All product names are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners Contributors .

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