Part Number LGR5320-2
Manufacturer Power-One
Title 10...30 Watt AC-DC Converters
Description LHR, LGR 4/5000 Series 10...30 Watt AC-DC Converters Input voltage ranges 85...265 V AC 88…168 V DC 1 or 2 outputs up to 48 V DC 4300 V DC I/O el...
Features LHR 5660-2 LGR 5660-2 Edition 5/07.2001 1 Board Mountable Input Input voltage Input frequency continuous range LHR, LGR 4/5000 Series 85...264 V AC / 88…168 V DC 47...63 Hz Output Efficiency Output voltage switching noise Line and load regulation Uo1 Line and load regulation ...

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