Part Number LT3032
Manufacturer Linear Technology
Title Dual 150mA Positive/Negative Low Noise Low Dropout Linear Regulator
Description The LT®3032 is a dual, low noise, positive and negative low dropout voltage linear regulator. Each regulator delivers up to 150mA with a typical 3...
Features n Low Noise: 20µVRMS (Positive) and 30µVRMS (Negative) n Low Quiescent Current: 30µA/Channel n Wide Input Voltage Range: ±2.3V to ±20V n Output Current: ±150mA n Low Shutdown Current: 3µA Total (Typical) n Low Dropout Voltage: 300mV/Channel n Fixed Output Voltages: ±3.3V, ±5V, ±12V, ±15V n ...

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LT3030 : n Output Current: 750mA/250mA n Low Dropout Voltage: 300mV n Low Noise: 20μVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz) n Low Quiescent Current: 120μA/75μA n Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.7V to 20V n Adjustable Output: 1.220V Reference Voltage n Shutdown Quiescent Current: 1μA n Stable with 10µF/3.3µF Minimum Output Capacitor n Stable with Ceramic, Tantalum or Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors n Precision Threshold for Shutdown Logic or UVLO Function n PWRGD Flag for each Output n Reverse Battery and Reverse Output-to-Input Protection n Current Limit with Foldback and Thermal Shutdown n Thermally Enhanced 20-Lead TSSOP and 28-Lead (4mm × 5mm) QFN Packages Applications n General Purpose Linear Regulat.

LT3033 : The LT®3033 is a ve.

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