LT3844 Datasheet PDF

Part Number LT3844
Manufacturer Linear Technology
Title Current Mode Switching Regulator Controller
Description 16-Lead Plastic TSSOP 16-Lead Plastic TSSOP TEMPERATURE RANGE –40°C to 125°C –40°C to 125°C Consult LTC Marketing for parts specified with wider ...

■ High Voltage, Current Mode Switching Regulator Controller with Programmable Operating Frequency DESCRIPTIO The LT®3844 is a DC/DC controller used for medium power, low part count, high efficiency supplies. It offers a wide 4V-60V input range (7.5V minimum startup voltage...

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Datasheet LT3844 PDF File

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LT3840 : n Wide Input Range: 2.5V to 60V n Integrated Buck-Boost Supply for 7.5V MOSFET Gate Drive n Programmable Constant-Current Operation with Current Monitor Output n Low IQ: 75µA, 12VIN to 3.3VOUT n Selectable Low Output Ripple Burst Mode® Operation n VOUT Up to 60V n Adjustable and Synchronizable: 50kHz to 1MHz n Internal OVLO Protects for Input Transients Up to 80V n Accurate Input Overvoltage and Undervoltage Threshold n Programmable Soft-Start with Voltage Tracking n Power Good and Output OVP n 28-Lead TSSOP and 38-Lead 4mm × 6mm QFN Packages Applications n Automotive Supplies n Industrial Systems n Distributed DC Power Systems The LT®3840 is a high voltage synchronous step-d.

LT3845 : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ High Voltage Operation: Up to 60V Synchronizable Up to 600kHz Adjustable Constant Frequency: 100kHz to 500kHz Output Voltages Up to 36V Adaptive Nonoverlap Circuitry Prevents Switch Shoot-Through Reverse Inductor Current Inhibit for Discontinuous Operation Improves Efficiency with Light Loads Programmable Soft-Start 120μA No Load Quiescent Current 10μA Shutdown Supply Current 1% Regulation Accuracy Standard Gate N-Channel Power MOSFETs Current Limit Unaffected by Duty Cycle Reverse Overcurrent Protection 16-Lead Thermally Enhanced TSSOP Package, 16-Pin PDIP The LT®3845 is a high voltage, synchronous, current mode controller used for medium to high pow.

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