PSR-4000BN Datasheet PDF

Part Number PSR-4000BN
Manufacturer Taiyo
Title Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask
Description TAIYO PSR-4000BN Series LIQUID PHOTOIMAGEABLE SOLDER MASK Screen or Spray Application Available in Green or Dark Green Semi-G...
Features The spectral sensitivity of PSR-4000BN Series is in the area of 365 nm. Exposure times will vary by bulb type and age of the bulb. Below are guidelines for exposing PSR-4000BN Series.

• Exposure Unit: 5 kW or higher Stouffer Step 21: Clear 8 minimum (on metal / under phototool) Energy: 250 mJ /...

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Datasheet PSR-4000BN PDF File

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PSR-4000MP : TAIYO PSR-4000MP LIQUID PHOTOIMAGEABLE SOLDER MASK Screen or Spray Application Dark Green, Matte Finish Excellent Solder Ball Resistance Resistance to No-Clean Flux Residue Wide Processing Window Fine Dam Resolution Withstands ENIG & Immersion Tin Hard Surface Finish Low Odor Revised 06-19-03 PROCESSING PARAMETERS FOR PSR-4000MP PSR-4000MP is a two-component, matte dark Green, alkaline developable LPI solder mask product for flood screen and spray application methods. This product has a very low odor, a wide process window and is capable of withstanding alternate metal finishes such as ENIG and immersion Tin. It has a matte Dark Green finish and pr.

PSR-4000PF9L : 1/4 DATA SHEET 2007.01 Z TAIWAN TAIYO INK CO.,LTD No.7, Ta Tung 2nd Rd., Kuan-Yin Industry Park Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL:886-3-483-3231 FAX:886-3-483-3599 PSR-4000 PF9L / CA-40 PF9 (PSR-4000GW / CA-40GW) 1. FEATURES : PSR-4000 PF9L / CA-40 PF9 is a liquid photo imageable hole plugging ink ( alkaline development type ), used for screen printing. Which has the characteristic such as not appear the crack hollow are less fine blistering resistance tack dry window are wider fine solvent resistance 2. SPECIFICATION : Main agent Hardener Color* Mixing ratio Viscosity* Tack free window* Exposure energy* Pot life* Shelf life** * ** PSR-4000 PF9L CA-40 PF9 Green Main agent : .

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