Part Number GB-R333SD-5V
Manufacturer Lucky Light Electronic
Title Round Type Integrated Resistor LED Lamp
Description The R333 series of 5 volt and 12 volt lamps contain an integral current limiting resistor in series with the LED. This allows the lamp to be driv...
Features LECTION AND APPLICATION INFORMATION (RATINGS AT 25 C AMBIENT) Emitted Color Lens Color Peak Wavelength λp (nm) 697 565 585 610 660 660 697 565 585 610 660 660 Operating Voltage (V) Min GB-R333HD-5V GB-R333GD-5V GB-R333YD-5V GB-R333SD-5V GB-R333RHD-5V GB-R333HR3D-5V GB-R333HD-12V GB-R333GD-12V GB-R33...

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