Part Number YX8018
Manufacturer Shiningic
Title Solar LED driver
Description OveNrveie:wd :: Solar LED driver YX8018 YX8019 Is 1 Or 2 Pieces 1.25V Charging power In the pond led Lights up stably. The light of the sun is s...
Features GND 104 3 2 CDS Figure 1-2 Do not use CDS 1.25V solar L Four VDD YX8018 LX 1 CE GND 104 3 2 InnDaDakKutTaa 560uH 220uH 150uH 82uH 68uH 47uH 1.25V PPaaciKfickLeKeagPueagTehe led 0307 1 LED 0410 2 LEDs DCeunrrFelnotw 3.0mA 7.0mA 10mA 15mA 21mA 30mA Application 2 (1.25V recharg...

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