LTN170BT09-001 Datasheet PDF

Part Number LTN170BT09-001
Manufacturer Samsung
Title LCD
Description 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings 1.1 Absolute Ratings of environment 1.2 Electrical Absolute Ratings 2. Optical Characteristics 3. Electrical Character...
• High contrast ratio, high aperture structure
• Wide XGA+(1440 x 900 pixels) resolution
• Low power consumption
• Fast Response
• DE(Data enable) only mode
• 3.3V LVDS Interface
• Onboard EEDID chip
• Pb free product APPLICATIONS
• Notebook PC
• If the usage of this product is not for PC applicati...

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Datasheet PDF File LTN170BT09-001 PDF File

LTN170BT09-001 LTN170BT09-001 LTN170BT09-001

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