BB4-PB30-3A Datasheet PDF

Part Number BB4-PB30-3A
Manufacturer DDK
Title 0.35mmPitch Board-to-Board Connector
Description 0.35mmPitch Board-to-Board Connector BB35 Series BB35 series is a 0.35mm pitch board-to-board connector with stacking height 0.7mm for smaller an...
■ Locking tabs can serve as power contacts (Capability up to 1.5A/contact), which allows for more efficient use of the available connection pins.
■ High extraction force(Example : 32 pins  9N Min.)
■ Connector designed to provide click feel when engaged to reduce assembly errors.
■ The locking tabs...

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Datasheet PDF File BB4-PB30-3A PDF File

BB4-PB30-3A BB4-PB30-3A BB4-PB30-3A

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