Part Number GM965
Manufacturer GTM
Description NPN EPITAXIAL PLANAR T RANSISTOR ISSUED DATE :2004/04/16 REVISED DATE :2004/12/08B The GM965 is designed for use as AF output amplifier and flas...
Features mA IE=10uA VCB=60V VEB=7V IC=3A, IB=0.1A VCE=2V, IC=0.5A VCE=2V, IC=2A VCE=6V, IE=50mA VCB=20V, f=1MHz * Pulse Test: Pulse Width 380us, Duty Cycle 2% Test Conditions Classification Of hFE1 Rank Range Q 230-380 R 340-600 S 560-800 GM965 Page: 1/2 Free Datasheet CORPORA...

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Datasheet GM965 PDF File

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