ATB2012-50011 Datasheet PDF

Part Number ATB2012-50011
Manufacturer TDK
Title ATB Series Balun Transformers
Description R F C o m p o n e n t s July 2013 Balun Transformers Wound SMD ATB series ATB2012-50011 (2.0u1.2u1.2mm) ATB2012-75011 (2.0u1.2u1.2mm) ATB2012E-...
Features Chip balun transformer developed for impedance systems; ATB2012-50011 and ATB2012E-50011M are for 50: impedance and ATB2012-75011 and ATB2012E-75011M are for 75: impedance. Input impedance is 50: for ATB2012-50011 and ATB2012E-50011M, and 75: for ATB2012-75011 and ATB2012E-75011M. The impedance rati...

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Datasheet ATB2012-50011 PDF File

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