Part Number SEN21177P
Manufacturer Seeedstudio
Title Grove Line Finder
Description GND Input Ground port SIG Output TTL NC NC NC VCC Input 3.3V - 5V Mechanic Dimensions Usage Hardware Installation The brick will ret...

 Grove compatible interface Small size 5V DC power supply Indicator LED Digital output Distance adjustable Application Ideas

 Tracking line Robotic Cautions The warnings and wrong operations possible cause dangerous. Free Datasheet Schematic Specificatio...

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Datasheet SEN21177P PDF File

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SEN21177P : Ground port TTL NC 3.3V - 5V Магазин робототехники Интернет-магазин роботов Купить робота Free Datasheet Комплектующие для робототехники Роботы для сборки Собрать робота своими руками Mechanic Dimensions Dimension: 2cm x 2cm Usage Hardware Installation The brick will return HIGH when black line is detected, and LOW when white line is detected. Using the adjustable resistor the detection range can be changed from 1.5cm to 5cm. If the sensor can’t tell between black and white surfaces, you can also use the adjustable resistor to set a suitable reference voltage. Programming Includes important code snippet. Demo code like : Demo code { //--------------------.

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