Part Number A1252WR-S
Manufacturer ETC
Title 1.25mm pitch wire to board connector
Description The ADP2300/ADP2301 are compact, constant-frequency, current-mode, step-down dc-to-dc regulators with integrated power MOSFET. The ADP2300/ADP2301...
Features 1.2 A maximum load current ±2% output accuracy over temperature range Wide input voltage range: 3.0 V to 20 V 700 kHz (ADP2300) or 1.4 MHz (ADP2301) switching frequency options High efficiency up to 91% Current-mode control architecture Output voltage from 0.8 V to 0.85 × VIN Automatic PFM/PWM mode ...

File Size 1.67MB
Datasheet A1252WR-S PDF File

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A1252WR-SF : The ADM8323/ADM8324 are supervisory circuits that monitor power supply voltage levels and code execution integrity in microprocessor-based systems. An on-chip watchdog timer checks for activity within a preset timeout window. A reset signal can also be asserted by an external push-button switch through a manual reset input. The RESET output is either pushpull (ADM8323) or open-drain (ADM8324). A watchdog failure results in a low output on the RESET pin. A failure can be triggered either by a fast watchdog error (watchdog pulses too close together) or by a slow watchdog error (no watchdog pulse within the timeout period). This effectively gives a window in which to observe the watchdog pulse..

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