DNX7230DAB Datasheet PDF

Part Number DNX7230DAB
Manufacturer Kenwood
Description What Do You Want To Do? DNX7230DAB DNX5230DAB DNX5230BT DNX4230DAB DNX4230BT INSTRUCTION MANUAL GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM Thank you for purchasing t...
Features won’t work where the service is not supported by any broadcasting station. 1 2 3 Press the MENU button during playback. Simple Control screen appears. Touch [ ]. List Control screen appears. Touch desired track/file. Operation procedure Explains necessary procedures to achieve the operation. Ind...

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Datasheet DNX7230DAB PDF File

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DNX7230DAB : DNX7230DAB DNX5230BT DNX5230DAB DNX4230DAB DNX4230BT Quick Start Guide GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM © 2012 JVC KENWOOD Corporation B59-2179-00/02 (E) Free Datasheet Quick Start Guide About the Quick Start Guide This Quick Start Guide explains the basic functions of this unit. For functions not covered in this guide, refer to the Instruction Manual (PDF file) contained in the included CDROM “Instruction Manual”. To refer to the Instruction Manual contained in the CD-ROM, a PC loaded with Microsoft® Windows XP/ Vista/7 or Mac OS X® 10.4 or later is required in addition to Adobe® Reader™ 7.1 or Adobe® Acrobat® 7.1 or later. The Instruction Manual is subject to change for.

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