Part Number TSW-TT-F3A-130R
Manufacturer OMEGA
Title Bi-Metal Immersion Temperature Switches
Description P Model No. Normally Open, continued TSW-TT-F3A-160R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-170R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-180R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-190R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-200R/WL TSW-TT-...
Features nal Pressure: 5000 psi ø14 (0.55) 25.4 (1) Hex Varies With Process Connection ø9.5 (0.38) To Order Model No. Normally Open TSW-TT-F3A-40R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-50R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-60R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-70R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-80R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-90R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-100R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-110R/WL TSW-TT-F3A-120R/WL ...

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