UPD4264405LE-A60 Datasheet PDF

Part Number UPD4264405LE-A60
Manufacturer NEC
Description The µPD4264405, 42S65405, 4265405 are 16,777,216 words by 4 bits CMOS dynamic RAMs with optional EDO. EDO is a kind of the page mode and is useful...
• EDO (Hyper page mode)
• 16,777,216 words by 4 bits organization
• Single +3.3 V ± 0.3 V power supply
• Fast access and cycle time Part number Power consumption Active (MAX.) 360 mW Access time (MAX.) 50 ns R/W cycle time (MIN.) 84 ns EDO (Hyper page mode) cycle time (MIN.) 20 ns µPD4264405-A...

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Datasheet UPD4264405LE-A60 PDF File

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