AM-240320METNQW-00H Datasheet PDF

Part Number AM-240320METNQW-00H
Manufacturer Ampire
Title LCD
Description Preliminary The contents of this document are confidential and must not be disclosed wholly or in part to any third part without the prior written...
Features This single-display module is suitable for cell phone application. The Main-LCD adopts one backlight with High brightness 4-lamps white LED. (1) Construction: 2.8” a-Si color TFT-LCD, White LED Backlight, and FPCB. (2) Main LCD: 2.1 Amorphous-TFT 2.8 inch display, transmissive, Normally white type, ...

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Datasheet PDF File AM-240320METNQW-00H PDF File

AM-240320METNQW-00H AM-240320METNQW-00H AM-240320METNQW-00H

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AM-240320METNQW-00H : 9.1 Instruction List Main LCD Driver IC: ILI9320 No. IR SR 00h 00h 01h 02h 03h 04h 07h 08h 09h 0Ah Registers Name Index Register Status Read Driver Code Read Start Oscillation Driver Output Control 1 LCD Driving Control Entry Mode Resize Control Display Control 1 Display Control 2 Display Control 3 Display Control 4 RGB Display Interface Control 1 Frame Maker Position RGB Display Interface Control 2 Power Control 1 Power Control 2 Power Control 3 Power Control 4 Horizont.

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