Part Number NTC-120D15x
Manufacturer Mayloon
Description ભၼሽ՗‫ૻڶ‬ֆ‫׹‬ Mayloon Electronic Co., Ltd., sinloon® DIP NTC THERMISTOR (Surge Protectors) DIP NTC- D15 Series FEATURES: ● 5mm,8mm 10mm 13 mm 15...
● 5mm,8mm 10mm 13 mm 15mm 20mm 25mm Epoxy coated Disc Type.
● SURGE PROTECTORS of ceramic material are made from specially formulated metal oxide.
● The Power Thermistor is a device for suppressing inrush current to an electric circuit.
● The Power Thermistor in the circuits protects electric equip...

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NTC-120D15 : PT Series –Power Type NTC Thermistor unit:mm PT series NTC thermistor has to be connected in series to the power source circuit to avoid the surge current at the instant when the electronic circuits are turned on. The device can effectively suppress the surge current, and its resistance and power consumption can be greatly reduced after that through the continuous effect of the current so as not to affect the normal work current. Therefore the Power NTC thermistor is the most convenient and efficient instrument to curb the surge current and protect the electronic devices from being damaged. FEATURES ·Strong power and strong capability of surge current protection. ·Characteristics Fast res.

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