Part Number LQ121X3LGxx
Manufacturer Data Modul
Title TFT LCD Module
Description Specification LQ121X3LGxx Version November 2009 Note: This specification is subject to change without prior notice Data Modul AG -
Features ate measures such as fail-safe functions and redundant system design should be taken. Do not use the device for equipment that requires an extreme level of reliability, such as aerospace applications, telecommunication equipment(trunk lines), nuclear power control equipment and medical or other equi...

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LQ121X3LGxx : No. DATE REVISED LD –21Y53A Nov. 18.2009 TECHNICAL LITERATURE FOR TFT - LCD module MODEL No. LQ121X3LGxx The technical literature is subject to change without notice. So, please contact Sharp or its representative before designing your product based on this literature. PC DISPLAY & LCD MONITOR BUSINESS PLANNING & MARKETING PROJECT TEAM , DIVISIONⅡ MOBILE LCD Group SHARP CORPORATION RECORDS OF REVISION LQ121X3LGxx SPEC No. DATE REVISED SUMMARY PAGE NOTE No. LD-21Y53A Nov. 18.2009 1st Issue LD-21Y53A-1 These technical literature sheets are the proprietary product of SHARP CORPORATION(”SHARP) and include materials protected under copyright of SHARP. Do not reproduce or cause any.

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