BP5090-12 Datasheet PDF

Part Number BP5090-12
Manufacturer Rohm
Title Non-Isolated AC/DC Converter
Description Data Sheet 100VAC Input/−12VDC (200mA) Output Non-Isolated AC/DC Converter BP5090-12 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Input voltage Operating...
Features FUSE 5321 Pin No. Function 1 Common 2 Output 3 Power inductor 4 Skip 5 Power inductor 6 Skip 7 Skip 8 Input L1 - Vi ZNR C1 C3 C2 + Vo Coil start Please verify operation and characteristics in the customer's circuit before actual usage. Ensure that the load current does not exceed ...

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Datasheet PDF File BP5090-12 PDF File

BP5090-12 BP5090-12 BP5090-12

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