Part Number R2A20113ASP
Manufacturer Renesas
Title Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller
Description The R2A20113A controls a boost converter to provide an active power factor correction. The R2A20113A adopts critical conduction mode for power fac...
• Absolute Maximum Ratings ⎯ Supply voltage Vcc: 24 V ⎯ Junction temperature Tj:
  –40 to +150°C
• Electrical characteristics ⎯ UVLO operation start voltage VH: 12 V ± 0.8 V ⎯ UVLO operation shutdown voltage VL: 9.2 V ± 0.7 V ⎯ UVLO hysteresis voltage Hysuvl: 2.8 V ± 0.7 V
• Functions ⎯ B...

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