Part Number PA4863
Manufacturer UTC
Description The UTC PA4863 is a dual bridge-connected audio power amplifier. It combines dual bridge speaker amplifiers and stereo headphone amplifiers on one...
Features an externally controlled, low-power consumption shutdown mode, a stereo headphone amplifier mode, and thermal shutdown protection. It also utilizes circuitry to reduce “clicks and pops” during device turn-on.
 FEATURES * “Click and pop” suppression circuitry * Thermal shutdown protection circuitry ...

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PA4867 : The UTC PA4867 is a stereo audio power amplifier capable of delivering typically 2.1W to a 4Ω load or 2.4W to a 3Ω load each channel with less than 1.0% THD+N using a 5V power supply. UTC PA4867 has a new circuit topolopy which can eliminate headphone output coupling capacitors. And an internal input MUX allows two sets of stereo inputs to the amplifier. The UTC PA4867 has integrated depop circuitry that virtually eliminates transients that cause noise in the speakers during power up and when using the shutdown modes. „ FEATURES * Operating voltage range VDD=2V~5.5V * Output power: -2.4W(typ.)@5V into 3Ω with 1% THD+N max (1kHz) -2.1W(typ.)@5V into 4Ω with 1% THD+N max (1kHz) * Eliminates S.

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