Part Number BL3257
Manufacturer BELLING
Title 4 Channel 2:1 Switch
Description BL3257 is a quad single pole/double throw high-speed CMOS TTL-compatible bus switch. The low on resistance of the switch allows inputs to be conne...
Features 1、VCC:4.0V-5.5V 2、Low On-Resistance: 5Ω 3、Fast switching: 10.0ns (VDD=5V) 4、Low crosstalk: -70dB (VDD = 5V) 6、Packaging(Pb-free & Green Available): SOP-16 、SSOP-16 6、ESD:4000V HBM Pin Configuration IN S1A S2A DA S1B S2B DB GND Block Diagram VDD EN S1D S2D DD S1C S2C DC S1A 2 S2A 3 S1B 5 S2B 6 S...

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