Part Number FDS8449_F085
Manufacturer Fairchild Semiconductor
Title 40V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET
Description These N-Channel MOSFETs are produced using Fairchild Semiconductor’s advanced PowerTrench process that has been especially tailored to minimize on...
• 7.6 A, 40V RDS(on) = 29mΩ @ VGS = 10V RDS(on) = 36mΩ @ VGS = 4.5V
• High power handling capability in a widely used surface mount package
• RoHS compliant
• Qualified to AEC Q101 DD DD DD DD SO-8 Pin 1 SO-8 SS SS SS GG 54 63 72 81 Absolute Maximum Ratings TA=25oC unless otherwise noted Symbo...

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FDS8449-F085 : FDS8449-F085 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET FDS8449-F085 N-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET 40V, 7.6A, 29mΩ Features  Typ RDS(on) = 21m at VGS = 10V, ID = 7.6A  Typ RDS(on) = 26m at VGS = 4.5V, ID = 6.8A  Typ Qg(5) = 7.7nC at VGS = 5V, ID = 7.6A  RoHS Compliant  Qualified to AEC Q101 Applications  Inverter  Power Supplies MOSFET Maximum Ratings TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter VDSS VGS ID Drain to Source Voltage Gate to Source Voltage Drain Current Continuous (VGS = 10V) Pulsed EAS Single Pulse Avalanche Energy Power Dissipation PD Derate above 25oC (Note 1) TJ, TSTG Operating and Storage Temperature RJC RJA Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Thermal Res.

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