Part Number LBZX84C5V1LT1G
Manufacturer Leshan Radio Company
Title Zener Voltage Regulator Diodes
Description LESHAN RADIO COMPANY, LTD. Zener Voltage Regulator Diodes ƽ We declare that the material of product compliance with RoHS requirements. MAXIMUM ...
Features ERIES (STANDARD TOLERANCE) (Pinout: 1-Anode, 2-No Connection, 3-Cathode) (TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted, VF = 0.90 V Max. @ IF = 10 mA) (Devices listed in bold, italic are ON Semiconductor Preferred devices.) Device* LBZX84C2V4LT1G LBZX84C2V7LT1G LBZX84C3V0LT1G Device Marking Z11 Z12 Z13 VZ1 (...

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Datasheet LBZX84C5V1LT1G PDF File

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