Part Number LTM2220-AA
Manufacturer Linear
Title 170Msps ADC
Description The LTM®2220-AA is a 170Msps sampling 12-bit A/D converter designed for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals. The LTM2220-AA is p...
■ Pin Compatible with the AD9430
■ Sample Rate: 170Msps
■ 66.2dB SNR, 84dB SFDR
■ No Missing Codes
■ Single 3.3V supply
■ Power Dissipation: 1050mW
■ LVDS Digital Outputs
■ 1.536VPP Input Range
■ Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
■ Out-of-Range Indicator
■ Data Ready Output Clock
■ Integrated Bypass Capac...

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