Part Number CMF60A
Manufacturer Central Semiconductor
Description The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMF5.0 series of Transient Voltage Suppressors are designed to protect sensitive electronic components from high voltag...
• Stand-off voltage 5 to 170 Volts
• Very low leakage current
• Low clamping voltage
• 200 Watt peak power dissipation
• Small, high thermal efficiency, SOD-123F flat lead package MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TA=25°C) Peak Pulse Power (10/1000µs Waveform) ESD Voltage (HBM) Operating and Storage Junction Temp...

File Size 615.31KB
Datasheet CMF60A PDF File

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CMF60 : CMF (Military RN and RL) Vishay Dale Metal Film Resistors, Axial, Military, MIL-R-10509 Qualified, Precision, Type RN and MIL-PRF-22684 Qualified, Type RL FEATURES • Very low noise (-40 dB) • Very low voltage coefficient (5 ppm/V) • Controlled temperature coefficient • Flame retardant epoxy coating • Commercial alternatives to military styles are available with higher power ratings. See CMF Industrial data sheet: ( STANDARD ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS RESISTANCE RESISTANCE RESISTANCE GLOBAL MODEL MIL STYLE MIL SPEC. SHEET POWER RATING P70 °C W POWER RATING P125 °C W MAX. WORKING VOLTAGE (1) V RANGE Ω MIL-R-10509 ± 100 ppm/°C RANGE Ω MIL-R-10.

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