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Radial Lead Varistor

Radial Lead Varistor




Part Number 10D680K
Description Radial Lead Varistor
Feature Radial Lead Varistor (MOV) 10D Series D escription The 10D series radial leaded varistors provides an ideal circuit pr otection solution for lower DC voltage applications by offering higher surge r atings than ever before available in su ch small discs.
The maximum peak surge current rating can reach up to 3.
5KA (8 /20 μs pulse) to protect against high peak surges, including indirect lightni ng strike interference, system switchin g transients and abnormal fast transien ts from the power source.
Features u W ide operating voltage (V1mA) range from 8V to 1800V u Fast responding to trans ient over-volta .
Manufacture SOCAY
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Part Number 10D680K
Feature METAL OXIDE VARISTORS Transient voltage surge suppressors 10D Series Model Number Maximum Allowable Voltage Sta ndard High AC Surge (V) DC (V) Varis tor Voltage V 1m (V) Clamping Voltage (MAX.
) VC IP (V) (A) Maximum Maximum P eak current Energy (8/20µs) (10/1000µ s) Standard High Surge Standard Hig h Surge (A) (JOULE) Rated Power Typi cal Capacitance (Reference) (W) @1KHz (pf) 10D180L J 11 14 18(15-21) 36 2.
1 3.
0 5600 *** 10D220K J 14 18 22(20 -24) 43 2.
5 5.
0 4500 *** 10D2 70K J 17 22 27(24 -30) 53 3.
0 6.
0 3 700 *** 10D330K 10D390K J 20 26 J 25 31 33(30 -36) 39 .
Manufacture HITANO
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Part Number 10D680K
Description Metal Oxide Varistors
Feature Metal Oxide Varistors Varistor>10D180~1 82KJ Series Applications RL MOV
• T ransistor, diode, IC, thyristor or tria c semiconductor protection.

• Surge p rotection in consumer electronics.

• Surge protection in industrial electron ics.

• Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petroleum app liances.

• Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.
• W ide operating voltage (V1mA) range from 8V to 1800V.

• Fast responding to tr ansient over-voltage.

• Large absorbi ng transient energy capability.

• Low clamping ratio and no following-on cur rent.
General Information The M .
Manufacture RUILON
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