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2.2K3A3IC Datasheet - Chip Thermistors

2.2K3A3IC   2.2K3A3IC  

Datasheet: 2.2K3A3IC datasheet

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Description: BetaTHERM Sensors BetaCurve Interchange able Thermistor Series II BetaCurve In terchangeable Thermistor Series II . T hermistor Configuration 30 AWG Sliver Plated Copper Lead Wires With Etched TF E Telfon Insulation, Thermally Conduct ive Epoxy Coating 12.7mm +/-3.3mm (0.5 0Ó +/-0.13Ó) 76.2mm +/-3.3mm (3.00Ó +/-3.13Ó) 2.413mm (0.095Ó) Max. Dia. Example: BetaCURVE Series II Part Num ber 10K 3 A 1 I A Tolerance Classific ation Insulated Lead Wires BetaCURVE Series Epoxy Coated Material Curve # Resistance Value @ 25oC Applications ¥ Temperature sensing, control and co mpensation. ¥ P.C. board mounting for over temperature protection. ¥ Automot ive car seat heater control and engine manag

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Chip Thermistors

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