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UV Erasable CMOS PROM Military Qualified

UV Erasable CMOS PROM Military Qualified




Part Number 27C16
Description UV Erasable CMOS PROM Military Qualified
Feature 27C16 16 384-Bit (2048 x 8) UV Erasable CMOS PROM Military Qualified January 1 989 27C16 16 384-Bit (2048 x 8) UV Era sable CMOS PROM Military Qualified Gene ral Description The 27C16 is a high spe ed 16K UV erasable and electrically rep rogrammable CMOS EPROM ideally suited f or applications where fast turnaround p attern experimentation and low power co nsumption are important requirements ww w.
com The 27C16 is packaged in a 24-pin dual-in-line package with transparent lid The transparent lid all ows the user to expose the chip to ultr aviolet light to erase the bit pattern A new pattern .
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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Part Number 27C16A
Description 16K (2K x 8) CMOS EEPROM
Feature 28C16A 16K (2K x 8) CMOS EEPROM FEATURES
• Fast Read Access Time—150 ns
• CMOS Technology for Low Power Dissipat ion - 30 mA Active - 100 µA Standby Fast Byte Write Time—200 µs or 1 m s
• Data Retention >200 years
• Hig h Endurance - Minimum 104 Erase/Write C ycles
• Automatic Write Operation - I nternal Control Timer - Auto-Clear Befo re Write Operation - On-Chip Address an d Data Latches
• Data polling
• Chi p Clear Operation
• Enhanced Data Pro tection - VCC Detector - Pulse Filter - Write Inhibit
• Electronic Signature for Device Identification
• 5-Volt- Only Operation
• Organized 2Kx8 JEDEC Standa .
Manufacture Microchip Technology
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Part Number 27C160
Description 16 Mbit 2Mb x8 or 1Mb x16 UV EPROM and OTP EPROM
Feature M27C160 16 Mbit (2Mb x8 or 1Mb x16) UV E PROM and OTP EPROM s 5V ± 10% SUPPLY VOLTAGE in READ OPERATION FAST ACCESS T IME: 70ns BYTE-WIDE or WORD-WIDE CONFIG URABLE 16 Mbit MASK ROM REPLACEMENT 1 1 42 42 s s s s LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – Active Current 70mA at 8MHz – St andby Current 100µA FDIP42W (F) PDIP42 (B) s s s PROGRAMMING VOLTAGE: 12.
5V ± 0.
25V PROGRAMMING TIME: 100µs/byte (typical) ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – Man ufacturer Code: 0020h – Device Code: 00B1h PLCC44 (K) 1 44 SO44 (M) DESCRI PTION The M27C160 is a 16 Mbit EPROM of fered in the two ranges UV (ultra viole t erase) and OTP (one time .
Manufacture STMicroelectronics
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