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4017 Datasheet - Decade Counter/Divider

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Datasheet: 4017 datasheet

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Description: CD4017BC • CD4022BC Decade Counter/Div ider with 10 Decoded Outputs • Divide -by-8 Counter/Divider with 8 Decoded Ou tputs October 1987 Revised January 200 4 CD4017BC • CD4022BC Decade Counter /Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs • Di vide-by-8 Counter/Divider with 8 Decode d Outputs General Description The CD40 17BC is a 5-stage divide-by-10 Johnson counter with 10 decoded outputs and a c arry out bit. The CD4022BC is a 4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counter with 8 dec oded outputs and a carry-out bit. These counters are cleared to their zero cou nt by a logical “1” on their reset line. These counters are advanced on th e positive edge of the clock signal whe n the clock enable signal is in the logical “0”

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Decade Counter/Divider

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