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A7F Datasheet - SCSI Thumbwheel Switch

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Datasheet: A7F datasheet

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Description: SCSI Thumbwheel Switch Conforms to SCSI (SCSI-2) and Ideal for ID Number Setti ng Use for External Hard Disks Connecte d to Computers Conforms to SCSI (SCSI-2 ) with 0 to 7 indication. Vertical and horizontal models designed to the mount ing restriction of the applications. Co mpact, thin, and space-saving. Pen-push type which prevents against mishandlin g. No panel mounting plates required. B uilt-in connector terminal connects to any device with ease. Ordering Informa tion Model Direction Appearance Horiz ontal A7F-241-1 Vertical A7F A7F-241 -1-1 Case color Output code Operation method Enclosure rating Connector Use A MP’s 5-pole CT Connector. Name Press- fit MT connector Solderless connector

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SCSI Thumbwheel Switch

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