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ADS124S06 Datasheet - Delta-Sigma ADC

ADS124S06   ADS124S06  

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Product Folder Order Now Technical Doc uments Tools & Software Support & Com munity ADS124S06, ADS124S08 SBAS660C ⠀“ AUGUST 2016 – REVISED JUNE 2017 AD S124S0x Low-Power, Low-Noise, Highly In tegrated, 6- and 12-Channel, 4-kSPS, 24 -Bit, Delta-Sigma ADC with PGA and Volt age Reference 1 Features •1 Low Powe r Consumption: As Low as 280 ÂľA • Lo w-Noise PGA: 19 nVRMS at Gain = 128 •

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Delta-Sigma ADC

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