Part Number AM2813
Manufacturer AMD
Title (AM2812 / AM2813) Memories
Description ...
Features ...

File Size 536.75KB
Datasheet AM2813 PDF File

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AM2814 : Am2814/3114 Dual 128-Bit Static Shift Register Distinctive Characteristics • 2nd Source to Texas Instruments 3114 • Operation guaranteed from DC to 2.5MHz. • 100% reliability assurance testing in compliance with MIL-ST D-883 • Full military grade devices available FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The Am3114 is a dual 128-bit static shift register built using P-channel silicon gate MOS technology. The two registers each have a two-input multiplexer on their inputs, so that input data may be selected from one of two sources. Both registers have a common clock input, and operate with a lowvoltage TTL clock signal. The registers shift on the LOW-toHIGH edge of the clock signal. Data at the inputs must .

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