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Part AM29LV640MT
Description (AM29LV640MT/B) 64 Megabit (4 M x 16-Bit/8 M x 8-Bit) MirrorBit 3.0 Volt-only Boot Sector Flash Memory
Feature Am29LV640MT/B Data Sheet For new designs, S29GL064M supersedes Am29LV640MT/B a.
Manufacture Spansion
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Data Sheet
For new designs, S29GL064M supersedes Am29LV640MT/B and is the factory-recommended migra-
tion path for this device. Please refer to the S29GLxxxM Family Datasheet for specifications and
ordering information.
July 2003
The following document specifies Spansion memory products that are now offered by both Advanced
Micro Devices and Fujitsu. Although the document is marked with the name of the company that orig-
inally developed the specification, these products will be offered to customers of both AMD and
Continuity of Specifications
There is no change to this datasheet as a result of offering the device as a Spansion product. Any
changes that have been made are the result of normal datasheet improvement and are noted in the
document revision summary, where supported. Future routine revisions will occur when appropriate,
and changes will be noted in a revision summary.
Continuity of Ordering Part Numbers
AMD and Fujitsu continue to support existing part numbers beginning with “Am” and “MBM”. To order
www.DataSheet4U.comthese products, please use only the Ordering Part Numbers listed in this document.
For More Information
Please contact your local AMD or Fujitsu sales office for additional information about Spansion
memory solutions.
Publication Number 26190 Revision C Amendment +6 Issue Date December 7, 2004


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