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Voice Analysis Tool
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The voice analysis and editing tool AR205 is used to translate voice data that was created with a
sound bluster, into Intel HEX data for OKI's voice IC.
The AR205 is composed of a voice translation board ARC-205 with a simplified ROM writer attached
and editing software "VOICEPROLite"
The VOICEPROLite uses the WAVE file of a sound bluster as a source data and translates the WAVE
file into a format suitable for each voice IC to support writing to ROM. It should be noted that editing
and manipulating of voice waveforms are not supported.
MSM6378A, MSM6379
MSM6588, MSM6688 (MSM6595A, MSM6596A, MSM6597A)
MSM6650 family (MSM6650, MSM6652A, MSM6653A, MSM6654A, MSM6655A, MSM6656A,
MSM6658A, MSM66P54, MSM66P56)
MSM9802, MSM9803, MSM9805, MSM98P05*, MSM9831
MSM9810, MSM9888L, MSM9836, MSM9841, MSM9842, MSM9844
Note: The * mark indicates a device under development.
Sampling frequency
ROM writer
Editing software
: 4.0, 5.3, 6.4, 8.0, 10.6, 12.8, 16.0, 21.3, 25.6, 32.0 kHz
: 256k to 8Mbit general PROM
M6378A, M6379, M63P74, M66P54, M66P56, M98P05
: VOICEPROLite (tentatively named) (WINDOWS95)

Part AR205
Description Voice Analysis Tools
Feature AR205; ( DataSheet : ) E2D0085-29-21 ¡ Semiconductor ¡ Semiconductor AR205 GENERAL DE.
Manufacture Oki Semiconductor
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( DataSheet : ) E2D0085-29-21 ¡ Semicon AR205 Datasheet

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