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32K AES Serial EEPROM Specification
Ensures Things and Code
are Real, Untampered, and
Secure Download and Boot
Authentication and Protect Code
Ecosystem Control
Ensure Only OEM/Licensed
Nodes and Accessories Work
Prevent Building with Identical
BOM or Stolen Code
Message Security
Authentication, Message Integrity,
and Confidentiality of Network
Nodes (IoT)
Crypto Element Device with Secure Hardware-based Key Storage
32Kb Standard Serial EEPROM Memory
Compatible with the Atmel® AT24C32D and the Atmel AT25320B
16 User Zones of 2Kb Each
High-security Features
AES Algorithm with 128-bit Keys
AES-CCM for Authentication
Message Authentication Code (MAC) Capability
Guaranteed Unique Die Serial Number
Secure Storage for up to Sixteen 128-bit Keys
Encrypted User Memory Read and Write
Internal High-quality FIPS Random Number Generator (RNG)
16 High-Endurance Monotonic EEPROM Counters
Flexible User Configured Security
User Zone Access Rights Independently Configured
Authentication Prior to Zone Access
Read/Write, Encrypted, or Read-only User Zone Options
High-speed Serial Interface Options
10MHz SPI (Mode 0 and 3)
1MHz Standard I2C Interface
2.5V to 5.5V Supply Voltage Range
<250nA Sleep Current
8-pad UDFN and 8-lead SOIC Package Options
Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
Easily Add Security by Replacing Existing Serial EEPROM
Authenticate Consumables, Components, and Network Access
Protect Sensitive Firmware
Securely Store Sensitive Data and Enable Paid-for Features
Prevent Contract Manufacturers from Overbuilding
Manage Warranty Claims
Securely Store Identity Data (i.e. Fingerprints and Pictures)

The Atmel ATAES132A is a high-security, Serial Electrically-Erasable and Programmable
Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) providing both authentication and confidential nonvolatile
data storage capabilities. Access restrictions for the 16 user zones are independently
configured, and any key can be used with any zone. In addition, keys can be used for
standalone authentication. This flexibility permits the ATAES132A to be used in a wide
range of applications.
The AES-128 cryptographic engine operates in AES-CCM mode to provide authentication,
stored data encryption/decryption, and Message Authentication Codes. Data
encryption/decryption can be performed for internally stored data or for small external data
packets, depending upon the configuration. Data encrypted by one ATAES132A device can
be decrypted by another, and vice versa.
The ATAES132A pinout is compatible with standard SPI and I2C Serial EEPROMs to allow
placement on existing PC boards. The SPI and I2C instruction sets are identical to the Atmel
Serial EEPROMs. The extended security functions are accessed by sending command
packets to the ATAES132A using standard write instructions, and reading responses using
standard read instructions. The ATAES132A secure Serial EEPROM architecture allows it
to be inserted into existing applications.
The ATAES132A device incorporates multiple physical security mechanisms to prevent the
release of the internally stored secrets. Secure personalization features are provided to
facilitate third-party product manufacturing.
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