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SMART ARM-based Microcontrollers
SAM L22G / L22J / L22N
Atmel® | SMART SAM L22 is a series of Ultra low-power segment LCD
microcontrollers using the 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor, ranging from
48- to 100-pins with up to 256KB Flash and 32KB of SRAM and to drive up
to 320 LCD segments. The SAM L22 devices operate at a maximum
frequency of 32MHz and reach 2.46 CoreMark®/MHz. With sophisticated
power management technologies the SAM L22 devices run down to
39µA/MHz (CPU running CoreMark) in active mode and down to 490nA in
ultra low-power backup mode with RTC.
ARM Cortex-M0+ CPU running at up to 32MHz
• Single-cycle hardware multiplier
• Micro Trace Buffer
• Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
64/128/256KB in-system self-programmable Flash
2/4/8KB Flash Read-While-Write section
8/16/32KB SRAM Main Memory
Power-on reset (POR) and programmable brown-out detection
Internal and external clock options
External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
• 16 external interrupts that can use any I/O-Pin
• One non-maskable interrupt on one I/O-Pin
Two-pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
Low Power
Idle, Standby, Backup, and Off sleep modes
SleepWalking peripherals
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Description Microcontroller
Feature ATSAML22J18A-AUT; SMART ARM-based Microcontrollers SAM L22G / L22J / L22N DATASHEET COMPLETE Introduction Atmel® | SMA.
Manufacture ATMEL
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SMART ARM-based Microcontrollers SAM L22G / L22J / L22N DATA ATSAML22J18A-AUT Datasheet

Battery backup support
Two runtime selectable power/performance levels
Embedded Buck/LDO regulator supporting on-the-fly selection
Active mode: <50µA/MHz
Standby with full retention, RTC and LCD = 3.47µA
• 2.1µs wake-up time
Standby with full retention and RTC: 1.87µA
• 2.1µs wake-up time
Ultra low power Backup mode with RTC: 490nA
• 90µs wake-up time
Segment LCD controller
• Up to 8 (4) common and 40 (44) segment terminals to drive 320 (176) segments
• Static, ½, 1/3, ¼ bias
• Internal charge pump able to generate VLCD higher than VDDIO
16-channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
8-channel Event System
Up to four 16-bit Timer/Counters (TC), each configurable as:
• 16-bit TC with two compare/capture channels
• 8-bit TC with two compare/capture channels
• 32-bit TC with two compare/capture channels, by using two TCs
One 24-bit Timer/Counters for Control (TCC), with extended functions:
• Four compare channels with optional complementary output
• Generation of synchronized pulse width modulation (PWM) pattern across port pins
• Deterministic fault protection, fast decay and configurable dead-time between
complementary output
• Dithering that increase resolution with up to 5 bit and reduce quantization error
Frequency Meter
32-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) with clock/calendar function
• 8x32-bit Backup Register
• Tamper Detection
Watchdog Timer (WDT)
CRC-32 generator
One full-speed (12Mbps) Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 Device
• Eight endpoints
• Crystal less operation
Up to six Serial Communication Interfaces (SERCOM), each configurable as:
• USART with full-duplex and single-wire half-duplex configuration
• ISO7816
• I2C up to 3.4MHz1
One AES encryption engine
1 Max 1 high-speed mode and max 3 fast mode I2C
Atmel SAM L22G / L22J / L22N [DATASHEET]
Atmel-42402E-SAM L22G / L22J / L22N_Datasheet_Complete-07/2016

One True Random Generator (TRNG)
One Configurable Custom Logic (CCL)
One 12-bit, 1MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with up to 20 channels
• Differential and single-ended input
• Oversampling and decimation in hardware to support 13-, 14-, 15-, or 16-bit resolution
Two Analog Comparators (AC) with window compare function
Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)
• Up to 256-Channel capacitive touch sensing
– Maximum Mutual-Cap up to 16x16 channels
– Maximum Self-Cap up to 24 channels
• Wake-up on touch in standby mode
32.768kHz crystal oscillator (XOSC32K)
0.4-32MHz crystal oscillator (XOSC)
32.768kHz ultra-low-power internal oscillator (OSCULP32K)
16/12/8/4MHz high-accuracy internal oscillator (OSC16M)
48MHz Digital Frequency Locked Loop (DFLL48M)
96MHz Fractional Digital Phased Locked Loop (FDPLL96M)
Up to 82 programmable I/O pins
Up to 52 segment LCD pins can be used as GPIO/GPI
Up to 5 wake-up pins with optional debouncing
Up to 5 tamper input pins
1 tamper output pin
Pin and code compatible with SAM D and SAM L Cortex-M0+ Families2
100-pin TQFP
64-pin TQFP, QFN
49-pin WLCSP
48-pin TQFP, QFN
Operating Voltage
1.62V – 3.63V
2 except the VLCD
Atmel SAM L22G / L22J / L22N [DATASHEET]
Atmel-42402E-SAM L22G / L22J / L22N_Datasheet_Complete-07/2016

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