B58031U5105M002 Datasheet

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B58031U5105M002 Datasheet - CeraLink Capacitors

B58031U5105M002   B58031U5105M002  

Datasheet: B58031U5105M002 datasheet

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Description: CeraLink Capacitors Series/Type: B58031 The following products presented in th is data sheet are being withdrawn. Ord ering Code B58031U5105M002 B58031I7504M 002 B58031I5105M002 Substitute Product B58031U5105M062 B58031I7504M062 B58031 I5105M062 Date of Withdrawal 2016-11-1 8 2016-11-18 2016-11-18 Deadline Last Orders 2017-03-31 2017-03-31 2017-03-31 Last Shipments 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 2017-06-30 For further information ple ase contact your nearest EPCOS sales of fice, which will also support you in se lecting a suitable substitute. The addr esses of our worldwide sales network ar e presented at www.epcos.com/sales. Ce raLinkā„¢ Capacitor for fast-switching semiconductors B58031* Low profile (L

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CeraLink Capacitors

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