BR34E02FVT-W Datasheet

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BR34E02FVT-W Datasheet - Based on Serial Presence Detect 2Kbit(256X8bit) Serial EEPROM

BR34E02FVT-W   BR34E02FVT-W  

Datasheet: BR34E02FVT-W datasheet

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Description: Appendix Notes No technical content pages of this documen t may be reproduced in any form or tran smitted by any means without prior perm ission of ROHM CO.,LTD. The contents de scribed herein are subject to change wi thout notice. The specifications for th e product described in this document ar e for reference only. Upon actual use, therefore, please request that specific ations to be separately delivered. Appl ication circuit diagrams and circuit co nstants contained herein are shown as e xamples of standard use and operation. Please pay careful attention to the per ipheral conditions when designing circu its and deciding upon circuit constants in the set. Any data, including, bu

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Based on Serial Presence Detect 2Kbit(256X8bit) Serial EEPROM

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