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Phase Sequence Relay

Phase Sequence Relay




Part Number BV1
Description Phase Sequence Relay
Feature BV1 - Phase sequence relay Application S upervision of phase loss, phase sequenc e and undervoltage in three-phase syste ms.
Function Relay BV1 measures amplit ude and angle of three phase voltages.
The angle of the phasors determine the phase sequence.
Unbalance and phase los s are detected by the measurement of am plitude and angle.
com The undervoltage trip setting is 70 % o f Un fixed.
The underfrequency element trips if the frequency falls below 45 H z.
Technical data rated voltage Un: fr equency range: hysteresis: power consum ption: thermal load carrying capacity: returning time .
Manufacture Woodward
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Part Number BV1R13
Description BV1R13
Feature BV1 R13 BV1 R13 Equivalent displacemen t ⁽¹⁾ Cilindrata equivalente ⁽¹ ⁾ Reduction ratio Rapporto di riduzio ne Bore Alesaggio Stroke Corsa Specific torque Coppia specifica Continuous pre ssure Pressione in continuo Peak pressu re ⁽²⁾ Pressione di picco ⁽²⁾ Peak power ⁽³⁾ Potenza di picco ³⁾ Continuous speed ⁽⁴⁾ Velo cità in continuo ⁽⁴⁾ Maximum spe ed ⁽⁴⁾ Velocità massima ⁽⁴ Approx.
weight Peso approssimativo Ma ximum casing pressure Pressione massima in carcassa Motor oil capacity Capacit à olio motore Gearbox oil capacity Cap acità olio riduttore [cc/rev] 700 37 5 714 378 [mm] 37 [mm] [Nm/bar .
Manufacture SAi
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Part Number BV1LF080EFJ-C
Description Automotive IPD 1ch Low-Side Switch
Feature Datasheet Automotive IPD 1ch Low-Side S witch with Slew Rate Control and Output Diagnostic Function BV1LF080EFJ-C Fe atures  AEC-Q100 Qualified (Note 1)  Built-in Dual TSD (Note 2)  Buil t-in Over Current Protection Function ( OCP)  Built-in Thermal Shutdown Func tion (TSD)  Built-in Active Clamp Fu nction  Built-in Diagnostic Function  Built-in Slew Rate Control Functio n  Directly Controllable from CMOS l ogic ICs  On-Resistance RDS(ON) = 80 mΩ (Typ) (VDD = 5 V, IOUT = 1.
0 A, Tj = 25 °C)  Monolithic Power Manageme nt IC with Control Unit (CMOS) and Powe r MOSFET on a Single Chip (Note 1) G .
Manufacture ROHM
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