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Part CD5030
Description CD/USB Multi-Source Receiver User Manual
Feature CD5030; Owner's Manual / Manual del propietario / Manuel de I'utilisateur CD5030 CD/USB Multi-Source Receive.
Manufacture ECLIPSE
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Owner's Manual / Manual del propietario / Manuel de I'utilisateur
CD/USB Multi-Source Receiver / Built-in A2DP Bluetooth
wireless technology
We appreciate your purchase of this receiver.
Please read through this manual for correct operation.
We suggest that after reading it you keep this manual
in a safe place for future reference.
Tras adquirir este receptor rogamos lea atentamente su
manual para una correcta utilización del equipo.
Igualmente, guarde dicho manual en un lugar adecuado para poder
recurrir a él en caso de futuras consultas.
Nous vous remercions d'avoir acheté ce récepteur.
Veuillez lire ce manuel afin d'utiliser votre appareil correctement.
Nous vous recommandons de conserver ce manuel
dans un endroit sûr afin de pouvoir le consulter ultérieurement.

For your safety in using the CD5030
For your safety in using the CD5030
WarningsForyoursafetyinusingtheCD5030 and caution signs, illustrated below, are posted throughout this manual as well as on the
CD5030. They show safe and correct ways to handle the product so as to prevent personal injury to
you, others and to avoid property damage.
Before reading through the manual, take time to read through and learn the important information listed
in this section.
This "Warning" sign indicates a situation in which incorrect
handling or disregard of this sign might result in death or
serious personal injury.
This "Caution" sign indicates a situation in which incorrect
handling or disregard of this sign might result in personal
injury or may result solely in damage to property.
Please read all materials such as manuals and warranties that have come with the product.
ECLIPSE will not be held liable for unsatisfactory product performance due to failure to follow these
Do not modify this system for use other than that specified herein. Also, do not deviate
from the installation procedures described herein; ECLIPSE will not be held liable for
damages including, but not limited to serious injury, death or property damage resulting
from installations that enable unintended operation.
This main unit requires 12 V DC and should only be installed in a vehicle with a 12 V
negative ground electrical system. Any other installation may cause a fire or other severe
damage to the main unit and the vehicle.
Never install this main unit where it will interfere with safe operation of the vehicle. Never
block the drivers' view. Do not install main unit where it may interfere with operation of the
brakes, the steering or any safety equipment, including seat belts and air bags.
Before drilling holes in a vehicle for installation, you must confirm the locations of pipes,
tanks, electrical wiring, and other vehicle systems and components to ensure that there will
be no interference or contact. In addition, you must also apply rust prevention and leak
prevention measures at the drilling area. Otherwise, fire or electric shock could occur.
When installing main unit do not remove or alter existing vehicle fasteners, including nuts,
bolts, screws, clips, and fittings. Never detach, move or alter existing vehicle wiring,
including electrical grounds and straps. Alteration of existing vehicle components may
make vehicle unsafe to operate.
Before installation, remove the negative (-) battery terminal to prevent shocks, electrical
arcing, fires, and damage to vehicle wiring and the main unit you are installing.
Secure wiring with tape or plastic ties so that wires do not interfere with vehicle operation,
including brake pedal, gear shifter and steering. Position wires so that they will not be
rubbed, abraded, or damaged by moving vehicle components, including power seats.
To avoid main unit and vehicle damage, including fire, never supply power to the installed
main unit in a way which will overload the capacity of an existing vehicle circuit. Never
leave a power supply wire or connection uninsulated. Always install supplied fuses, circuit
breakers, and relays.

For your safety in using the CD5030
Air bags are vital safety equipment. Never install the main unit in a way which will alter air
bag wiring or interfere with air bag deployment. When you install the main unit, make sure
that the air bags function properly in the event of an accident.
When installation is complete, test all vehicle electrical systems for proper operation,
including lights, horn, brake lights, and emergency flashers.
For your protection, never use a power drill without safety glasses or goggles. Debris or
broken drill bits may cause severe eye injuries, including blindness.
Use electrical tape to insulate the ends of all wires, even if not used. Proper insulation
prevents arcs, shocks and fires.
Some equipment or devices require the use of batteries. Never install or place such type of
equipment where young children can get access to batteries. If a battery is swallowed, seek
medical attention immediately.
When vehicle is moving, never take your eyes off the road to make adjustments to the main
unit. You must pay attention to the road to avoid accidents. Do not let the operation or
adjustment of the main unit distract you from proper vehicle operation.
The driver should not look at the screen while driving. Accidents may result if you are not
paying attention to the forward direction.
Do not put foreign objects in the disc loading slot, the USB input terminal, or the iPod
connector (if the optional cable is used). Fires or shocks may result.
Do not disassemble or alter this main unit. Smoke, fires or shocks may result.
Do not let water or foreign objects enter the internal parts of this main unit. Smoke, fires or
shocks may result.
Pay attention to where the remote control is left. Traffic accidents or problems with driving
may result if the remote control makes its way under the foot pedals etc. when the vehicle
is in motion.
Do not use when abnormal operation occurs (the screen is not lit or no sound comes out).
Accidents, fires or shocks may result.
Always replace fuses with fuses of identical capacity and characteristics. Never use a
higher capacity fuse than the original. Using incorrect fuse specifications may cause a fire
or severe damage.
If foreign objects or water enters the main unit, smoke comes out, or there is a strange
odor, stop using it immediately, and contact your dealer. Accidents, fires, or shocks may
result if you continue to use it in these conditions.
The driver should not change CDs, connect or disconnect a USB memory or an iPod player
while driving. As accidents may result if you are not looking ahead carefully. Stop the
vehicle at a safe location and then handle such devices.
Plastic bags and wrappings may cause suffocation and death. Keep away from babies and
children. Never put bag over your head or mouth.

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